Thursday, January 11, 2018

Goal Zero Nomad 20 Portable Solar Panel Review

This 20-watt solar panel is the largest in Goal Zero’s range of portable solar panels and is made with a tri-fold design which enables it to stand by itself. It can also be propped up against a rock or a tree to get the best angle to the sun. It also comes with handy loops around the edges which allow you to hang it from a tree or your tent, or connect to your backpack’s daisy chains.

With a mesh zipper pocket for cables on the rear of the device, and a magnetic clasp to hold the panels tightly together, this product was made for casual backpacking. At almost 2.5 pounds in weight, it might be tough to decide whether or not it makes the cut on longer hikes.

Goal Zero Nomad 20 makes use of mono-crystalline solar pump technology to make their panels more efficient. It is made from single silicon crystals and increases the lifespan of the panels to anything between 10-30 years, depending on the use. It also delivers a higher wattage per square foot, and performs well in both ideal and low light conditions.

The intelligent charging junction box comes with chaining ports which make it a breeze to add (or daisy chain) more panels for increased solar power collection.

What can it be used for?

With its built-in junction box and smart-charging chip, you can use this panel to directly charge handheld devices. It comes with 4 different ports. By using the USB, 12V, Chain in, or Guide 10 port you can power up your devices directly. You can also use this panel to recharge a solar generator like the Yeti 150 solar generator or the Sherpa 100 portable power pack.

The USB port allows you to charge phones, GPS, tablets, radios, headlamps, MP3 players and any other device that can charge via USB. With the 12V port, you can charge the Goal Zero Sherpa and Extreme 350 battery packs, and the Guide 10 port allows you to charge the nifty Guide 10 Plus power pack.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Review: SunJack 14W solar charger & waterproof LightStick

Review: SunJack Waterproof LightStick

While I do like the solar charger from SunJack, I was actually pretty impressed by the other product they sent me as well, the LightStick, because it packs both a handy lighting device and a backup battery into a single durable unit that would be just as at home in the home or garage as in the camping gear.

Measuring 10.25 inches (26cm) long and 1.25 inches (3.175cm) in diameter, and weighing just under half a pound (.47 lb, or 213g), the LightStick is a fully waterproof unit (rated to 6 feet deep) that offers four lighting settings and a glow-in-the-dark switch. Inside the device, powering the lights, is a 5200mAh battery, which can also be used to charge mobile devices via a 2A USB port under the lid (capable of about 3 smartphone charges), and can be recharged in about 4 or 5 hours.

The LEDs deliver 350 lumens on the high setting, the device's charge can last for as long as 46 hours of continuous lighting (on the low setting), and the LightStick also features a flashing "strobe" setting for emergencies. The device doesn't function like a flashlight, with its focused beam of light, but instead illuminates a large area around it, similar to a lantern or an automotive droplight or shop light, and is surprisingly bright.

The only weak spot I could see in the LightStick (and it's indeed a small issue) was that because it has spots on the ends for attaching a tether or cord, it's easiest to hang it from one end for hands-free usage, and while I could attach a tether on each end and hang it overhead horizontally from both tethers, it's less than optimal for some lighting needs. Having said that, this utility light would make a great addition to an emergency preparedness kit, camping gear, or the glove box of a vehicle. The SunJack LightStick sells for $45, and can be charged with either the company's solar charger or via an outlet with a micro-USB cord.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Review

Standout features on NUMARK MIXTRACK PRO 3 first encountering the device are long-throw pitch controls, touchstrips for scrubbing through tracks and other purposes, per-channel filters, and a return to more practical, deeper jogwheels than the rather shallow ones on the Mixtrack Pro 2 (my least favourite feature of that controller). There are even VU meters, albeit only for the master output, not per-channel.

Of course, a budget controller is going to be, well, budget, and so we have less expensive and limited function “performance pads” (against controllers like the Numark NV), lower quality faders and knobs (including a crossfader that appears to be removable for just a second until you realise it’s got a groove around it for decorative purposes only) and strictly two-deck control over the bundled free version of Serato DJ, Serato DJ Intro (if you want the full version, that’s going to cost you extra).

Overall, though on first impressions the device offers a simple, well spaced out and reasonably generously equipped control surface for basic two-channel DJing with Serato, and set-up is also simple as is the case with all Serato controllers; download the software and install (there’s a licence card in the box), plug in and you’re ready to go.

Now, basic DJing involves playing one tune, then another, and hopefully enjoying the process of blending them together creatively – and frankly, the Mixtrack Pro 3 is an excellent tool to help you with that. The jogwheels are nice, they respond well with the bundled Serato DJ Intro software (which is very easy to use), the cue and play/pause buttons work great, and – while built to a budget – the faders and knobs are fine. Indeed, the long-throw pitch controls are great (especially when set against the much shorter faders of some of the competition, which appear toy-like in comparison; for manual beatmatching, this gives the Mixtrack Pro 3 a definite advantage).

The effects section is designed to control three single effects per side, and the simplicity is nice, although one extra knob for wet/dry would have been better than shoehorning this function into the touchstrip alongside the scrubbing function. That said, having a touchstrip at all is a good thing in such a controller, but I’d have liked to have seen its primary use to be to scrub through tracks, with the FX use secondary.

The pads are of what I call the “pseudo-pad” variety, in that they don’t actually offer the full range of features that pads on controllers higher up manufacturers’ ranges offer with Serato (loop roll, slicer, etc). Instead, these are actually best thought of as more conventional buttons, just laid out on backlit rubber pads in the familiar 4×2 shape. So the top four control manual looping (a nice addition), auto looping and sampler, the required function being selected by touching a “pad mode” and one of the pads first. Meanwhile, the bottom four control cues.

Monday, September 11, 2017

RAVPower Car Jump Starter

  RAVPower Car Jump Starter

A highly portable jump starter designed to be robust and safe to use. The RAVPower RP-PB048 features a bright display and LED status indicator light that ensures the clamps are connected correctly.

It comes complete with a canvas case, wall adapter, car charger and two USB cables for charging mobile devices.


Up to 20 Jump starts from fully charged
550A peak can start engines up to 5L
14000mAh battery (5 phone charges)
2 iSmart USB charging ports
Multiple safety features
Built in LED torch with emergency strobe

*Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.
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Testing a portable jump starter requires a car with a flat battery. It would be easy to skip that part, but I like to be thorough. My poor beat up old Honda Accord is currently looking so sorry for herself. Her fading full beams and filthy bodywork make me feel a little ashamed. I’ll give her a wash after I’ve jumped her back to life – that’s a promise.
Design and Build

The RAVPower portable jump starter and accessories are neatly contained inside a heavy duty canvas case. Each item is conveniently retained in its own sleeve or elasticated strap.

These items include a set of jumper cables, a 15V wall charger, an in-car charger, two USB cables and a user guide. All the accessories are well made and of a high quality.

The USB charging cables are branded and feature flat anti-tangle leads. It’s always good to see non-generic components included with a charging device.

The jump starter measures 17cm x 8cm x 3cm and weighs 460 grams. Its matte black body has chamfered corners and a ribbed design that’s very easy to hold.

All of the controls and ports are positioned on the front edge. There’s a power button, two USB iSmart charging ports, DC in, an on/off switch and a protected output for the jumper cables.

On the top surface is a small LED display to show the remaining power and its current charging mode. When a device is initially connected it will glow bright blue and fade to grey after a few seconds.

It came out of its box with 100% charge – A positive sign that the standby time on this device is going to be good.

The red and black jumper cables are easily identifiable and there’s good tension on the clamps. The teeth open to about 40mm, which should accommodate most battery terminals.

As with most portable jump starters, the RAVPower RP-PB048 has a bright LED flashlight. It’s activated by holding down the power button for 3 seconds. You can then cycle through the solid beam, S.O.S or Strobe modes with further presses of the button.
Features and Spec

The RAVpower portable jump starter puts out an impressive 550A of peak current. This is said to be enough to start a 5L engine. The instruction guide suggests that you make sure the unit has a minimum charge of 60% when jumping a vehicle. With a 14000mAh storage capacity, it should provide you with a substantially long standby time. This is an important consideration when choosing a jump starter. From previous experience with RAVPower external batteries, they have always performed exceptionally well. I’ll update this review with standby results in the coming months

Safety Features

The safety features present on the RAVPower RP-PB048 are as good as you’re likely to find on a portable car starter. These include short circuit, low voltage, reverse charging, reverse polarity and temperature protection. Each state is identified by the LED indicator on the jumper cables.

Battery capacity:14000mAh
Max USB output: 4.2A (2x 2.1A)
Starting Current: 280A
Peak Current: 550A
Recharge time: 4 hours
Operating temp. : -20C to 60C (-4F – 140F)

This information is conveniently printed on the back of the unit and is also well detailed in the user guide.

The USB ports on the RAVPower portable jump starter are both 2.1A with iSmart technology. With a combined max output of 4.2A, it will simultaneously charge two devices at the maximum speed possible.

The 1400mAh capacity rechargeable battery will provide approximately 5 phone charges or fully charge an iPad.


With the old girl’s battery fully depleted, it was time to give it a test. I could have been lazy and told you guys how flawlessly it worked, but instead, I decided to film it:

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Is sex addiction even real?

 Is sex addiction even real, or merely something people use to excuse their behavior?

Response: Truth be told, there are some experts who do not feel sex addiction treatment NYC is both real and say it's more a product of contradictory social norms and mores. Other say sex dependence exists but do not believe it meets the definition of an addiction in precisely the same way addiction to drugs or alcohol does. For sex addicts NYC looking for treatment, it can be a moot point. To get therapy, first one needs to recognize they have an issue and stop trying to use their own willpower alone to restrain it. Many individuals have sought treatment for sex addiction NYC and reported consequences. Much of the criticism about its validity has been aimed at celebrities embroiled in public sex scandals and is hardly analogous to the typical person not living in the public eye. sex addiction treatment NY is real and you struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors certainly can attest to that truth.
sex addiction therapy

 What triggered this? How did I get to be this way?

Answer: there's not any definitive reason for sex addiction therapy, and for every person, it'll differ. Many sex addicts report being trauma therapist NYC abused at a young age and developing a twisted view of sex and what a healthy sex life ought to be. For others, it's just the rush of chemicals in their brain after discovering a parent's pornography stash or coming across it in some other fashion. Others indicate the availability of online pornography had them fall into a cycle, while there are people who turned into using trauma therapy as a numbing agent through a challenging period in their lives and started relying upon it as a coping mechanism. For some growing up with abuse, neglect, abandonment, and enmeshment has caused them to seek out other ways to feel great about life and themselves.

While knowing the reason behind trauma therapy NYC is important, those on the path to recovery shouldn't seek to live on the unchangeable past; instead, they will need to focus on their present actions.

 Does seeing pornography and trauma therapists NYC within the online count as cheating on my partner?

Response: to not be glib, but it can rely on the spouse. Certainly, many women do feel that their partners with cyber sex or phone sex with another woman qualifies as infidelity. They might not respond in the exact same way as though it was physical porn addiction treatment NYC with another woman, but the effect on a relationship can be dire. To begin with, the spouse will feel betrayed. She won't trust her husband if he has been hiding his behavior. She might feel bad about herself, possibly thinking some failing on her part headed the husband to seek these sensual outlets.

Even pornography viewing can be a sore spot for women. Society places lots of pressure on girls to be physically attractive and sex addiction therapy NYC desirable and they could feel they are in competition with actresses in movies that are pornographic. This can influence their self-esteem, even if they don't confront their husband about the behavior.

Importance of Sidewalk Signs in Building Brands

As a small business owner, one of those obstacles of expanding your business is finding innovative yet inexpensive ways to spread the word about your service or product. With small budgets for advertising, it is not possible to match in expensive radio and television commercials consequently, indications become the backbone of small budget advertising. Having sidewalk repair contractors in Bronx New York signs is one of the best methods to catch the interest of passersby and cost less than $300, which fits any budget readily. Above all advantages, pavement signs are easy to keep, low cost and could be reused over and over again. All these are high durability indications since they're crafted from plastic and will withstand both heat and cold without damage.
sidewalk repair bronx

The basic principle behind advertising is that do not assume that people know about your product or services, so inform them. In the same way, it's best to get a word out about your company, service or store and there's nothing better than setting up signs outside your office. sidewalk repair contractor Bronx are easy to show, change and store making them among the popular means of marketing. Simply set it outside and as people drive or walk by, a fast glance is enough to recall when they want your services.

Whenever you're attempting to build a brand name using signs, it is good to make certain that the company logo and slogan is clearly visible above the message. This can help build brand awareness as more people see it and also to the success of your organization, branding is imperative. If you truly wish to raise footfalls within a short time on your store, provide a discount on your products and see that the sudden surge of interest.

If your business isn't yielding your profits in the spiraling market, maybe it's time for a fast makeover in your advertising campaign. Get banners and hints that will help you 'be seen' over the local competitors. And due to the flexibility offered by pavement signals, any business owner can use it easily. You may have a shop, library, pub, restaurant or a publication, there are numerous ways of employing sidewalk repair Bronx NY to brand your small business.

But just placing sidewalk repair Bronx is not sufficient as the next most important issue is having the perfect message and proper colors. You might scoff at the idea of getting the ideal colors being an important component, but do you believe that you are going to pay attention to Bronx sidewalk repair that is all white with yellow letters? Maybe not- since you will firstly not detect it and second, you won't be able to see it in a hurry! So having the right contrast is vital. Black background and yellow lettering or a white base with the bold red colored font is striking and catches your attention. That is what you need to produce your DOT sidewalk violation Bronx stick out!

Branding is important in any business and you want it to be with your company also. People should just see your logo and reconnect with all the services and products you've got. That is the initial step of business growth. Rather than thinking big, start in the basics- use low cost but effective ways to advertise. Of the several different varieties of signage which can be used, sidewalk repair Bronx are powerful and significant part your campaign.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Choose Wisely: Top 5 Mighty Mule Gate Openers

About the manufacturer

One day the GTO’s founder set out to design a reasonably priced gate opener, which is easy to install and can be used in various remote places. And he did it! Since 1987 Mighty Mule offers the best Metal Gates, Gate Openers, Driveway Gates, Driveway Alarms, Garden Gates, Access Controls, Automatic Driveway Gates, Electric Gate Openers, and Automatic Gate Openers in America. This brand is unique because it offers DIY products that are suitable for rural, urban and industrial environments. So far over half a million gate openers have been installed around the world. Don’t wait too long to join this gang!

MIGHTY MULE 502  has provided you with a great choice of high quality gate openers, so in order to make your choice an easy one, we will present you the top 5 models on a silver plate.

And the best part

is that they are sorted according to their price, from the cheapest to the most expensive one. So, see how deep is your pocket and check them out!
Number 1: Mighty Mule MM260 (Single Swing Gates)

This model includes Dual Sense Technology that meets the high standards for additional safety and protection. Ideal for light duty single swing gates which are 12 ft. long and weigh around 300 lbs.
The package includes:

A single button remote (Model # FM135), AC transformer (Model # RB570), control box, all required hardware and a detailed installation manual with an interactive DVD and unlimited access to 24-hour technical support. Not bad, right?!Mighty Mule MM260 Automatic Gate Opener for Light Duty Single Swing Gates Up to 12′ Long or 300 lb (photo:

Key features:
A perfect match for chain link, tube, panel, vinyl and wood single gates.
It can become solar with the addition of a Mighty Mule 5 or 10-watt solar panel.
DIY friendly: easy installation (2-3 hours) thanks to the step by step DVD manual.
Superior performance and value for lightweight gates.
It provides you with a secured gate and the convenience of closing and opening it remotely.
The most affordable opener suitable for farms, ranches and residential areas.
Weight: 6.4 pounds
Dimensions: 27.5 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches
Voltage: 12 volts
Requires: a 12-volt automotive or marine type battery that produces a minimum of 250 cold cranking amps (CCA)
Cycles: up to 77 backup cycles